Wake Up and REALLY See Your Behavior

I’m learning that loving yourself is not just about talking to yourself in kind ways. Loving yourself can be reinforced by even the smallest choices and decisions you make throughout the day. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my routines and behavior patterns recently and just because something is a habit or a routine doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I’ve noticed that scrolling on my phone is a way that I “relax” or “check out” for a bit, but is that really showing myself love? What kind of effect is that having on my emotions and mental health long-term? Is it effecting my relationships? These are questions that I’m asking myself when I notice an automatic or conditioned behavior. Conditioned behavior simply means it’s something I’ve done over and over again, it doesn’t mean it’s healthy. For example, I’ve consciously decided that scrolling on my phone for more than 5 minutes serves no purpose, and actually negatively impacts my ability to be present with my family. This can work for any conditioned or automatic behavior. Be willing to reflect on your behaviors throughout the day, and ask yourself, does this behavior serve me or hurt me?

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