Is being connected really connecting?

I was up with my daughter this morning at 6am.  We were sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace playing with one of those wooden puzzles.  She was sitting in my lap, and I was helping her put the letters in the right place.  However, I noticed that I was constantly having to check my phone or look at my tablet.  There was this consistent urge that was pulling me back to my electronics, interfering with my ability to stay present and fully connected to my daughter.  Finally, with intention, I put the gadgets down and turned my attention to my daughter.  Almost instantly I noticed a shift in my state of mind.  When truly connecting with my daughter I felt more alive and present.  I've realized that I need to be intentional with my use of electronics, and to make sure I'm not using them as a distraction.  There is a difference between accomplishing a specific task using electronics and using them as a way of distraction or escaping.