"7 Tips to Sleep Better Naturally" - Great article by Laura McKowen

When getting sober, a lot of people struggle with insomnia or other problems sleeping such as difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep. Sleep is SO important in early recovery. The brain is trying to heal and balance itself out after addiction, and it needs that time to regenerate during sleep. Sleep also helps us balance out our emotions during the day, and so not getting enough sleep in early sobriety can cause some people to relapse.

Check out this article by Laura McKowen, “7 Tips to Sleep Better Naturally”. She is a sober woman who uses these techniques to help her sleep. I really like the 7 tips that she discusses, especially making your bedroom a sanctuary and getting a weighted blanket. I’ve used various weighted blankets as well, and they are great for calming anxiety before bed, but you can really use them anytime.

Check out this article and try out some of these tips tonight!