Struggling to put your well-being first? Check out the "Pregnancy Principle"

I stumbled upon this article by Laura McKowen, “The Pregnancy Principle”, and I thought it was genius. Think about it. When a woman is pregnant, she has no problem asking for what she needs for her baby, saying no to what isn’t good for the baby, and not feeling guilty for doing it. Most women I know who have been pregnant ALWAYS put the babies needs first. I think it’s easy for women to do this when they are pregnant because it’s FOR the baby, not always specifically for them.

What if women could be this assertive about their needs without being pregnant? This is the whole premise behind Laura’s article. Laura describes the Pregnancy Principle as including the following 4 points:

The Pregnancy Principle states the following:

  1. Your well-being comes first.

  2. If it doesn’t support your well-being, don’t do it. No, really. Just don’t.

  3. Be unapologetically selfish with your energy and time.

  4. In other, less squishy words, f*ck everything and everyone else (for a while)

Laura does a great job describing each of these points and how we can implement these ideas into our lives WITHOUT being pregnant!