Write Yourself a Letter

Today’s exercise is meant to help you have a clearer vision of what your life will look like if you are living in line with your values. It helps to have a clear vision of what your relationships, career, and your overall emotional, mental, and physical well being will look like if you are making decisions that reflect what you value.

So, get out a piece of paper or open your computer. Address the letter to yourself, and write out the date one year from today. Write the letter to yourself as though these changes have already been made, and you are living your best life. In other words, write the letter in present tense. Cover all of the areas that will be impacted by the changes you plan to make. Write one draft of the letter and put it down for 24 hours. Re-read it again and see if you notice anything you would change. Repeat this exercise as often as you need to in order to bring clarity to your vision of your best life.

You now have a vision of your best life. Great work.

Talk to you soon!