Stay home, follow social distancing guidelines, and practice GRATITUDE

Yesterday I was an anxious mess, constantly reading coverage about other countries and how badly Covid-19 is affecting the world. I’m trying to wrap my mind around what life looks like currently, for myself, for loved ones, and for my patients.

This morning I was doing Cosmic Kids Yoga with my daughter Katie, and we put our hands in the shape of glasses and laughed as we looked at each other through our hand glasses. She laughed a 5 year old laugh and rolled around on her yoga mat. I laughed when I saw her do that and at that moment I realized I really needed to change my thought process about this. For myself, but for my daughter and husband as well.

We have a lot of information now about how gratitude affects our mental and physical health. I’ve recently been listening to Dr. Santos on The Happiness Lab podcast. She talks about how people who are happy practice gratitude on a regular basis, and this also affects their overall physical health as well. It makes sense right? The healthier and more positive we think the healthier are brains and bodies will be.

Stay healthy and grateful today.