Helping Women Find Their Voice and Know Their Value

I have been working with women for a long time, since I began my career as a therapist over a decade ago.  I've worked with women with substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, mood disorders, relationship issues, codependency, grief and loss, and trauma. 

However, what I've learned the most about working with women comes from my own experience of being a woman.   As women, we unfortunately experience discrimination and mistreatment.  Over time, seemingly small experiences of feeling misunderstood, disrespected, and undervalued contribute to gradual but significant changes in our behavior.  We speak up less, feel incapable, and look to others to evaluate our worth.  

It is this state of being that is frequently below the problems and symptoms that bring women into my office.  I know what this state looks like and feels like, because I've felt it myself.  It is my intimate knowledge of the female experience that allows me to connect with my female patients, gain their trust, and help them finally uncover their true self

Finding one's true self is not an easy task, and takes time, patience, and self compassion.  That's why it is so important for women to have a strong connection with the therapist they are working with.  The connection I have with each patient is the most important part of the therapeutic relationship.  I generate an authentic connection with each of my patients through the lens of empowerment, respect, and personal choice, and use techniques from various modalities to help each patient uncover and connect with their true self. 

I am currently accepting new patients for Telehealth counseling for female patients who are struggling with co-occurring disorders, anxiety and depression, codependency, grief and loss, and trauma.  I always do a 15 minute free phone consultation with potential new patients in order for them to ask any questions they might have, and for me to assess their situation in order to determine if I have the appropriate training and expertise to help them. 

Call or email anytime and as always, I appreciate your referrals.  Stay well and healthy during this unprecedented time. 

Kristin Dickie