Values: A Roadmap for Happiness

Do you know what you value? What are the most important things in life to you? Family? Work? Spirituality? Relationships?

If you are unsure, I think it’s time to spend some time with yourself to find out what really matters to you. Why? Because if you are unsure about what’s really important to you, you may not be prioritizing these values when making decisions. Knowing our values helps us to prioritize what is important and then make decisions based on those values.

Sometimes we make decisions unconsciously, not based on what we value, but based on other factors. For example, sometimes we make decisions to please other people, but they are not the healthiest decision for ourselves. As women, sometimes we make decisions based on perceived expectations from others about what we should or shouldn’t do. The roles we play and societal expectations can affect how we make choices. For example, we receive very strong messages from society about how we should or shouldn’t behave as a mother, sister, daughter, or partner.