Set an Intention For Your Day, Every Day

I’ve recently started setting intentions for myself each morning as to what I would like my focus to be for the day. I’ve found that since working from home, my different roles in life have become more blended and less separate, making it difficult for me to have clarity about what my priorities are for the day. Before Covid I had separate chunks of time in my day that had a sole purpose, work, family, exercise, etc. However, since Covid these chunks of time are blurry and not so clear. This has led me to struggle with staying clear on my goals, intention, and priorities for the day.

Waking up and setting an intention for my day has allowed me to stay on track. I remember my intention, or write it down in my calendar. If I lose focus or find myself spending time on something that was not a priority, I remind myself of my intention and refocus myself. It’s allowed me to be more intentional as to how I’m spending my time, what I choose to focus on, and even what I choose to think about.

Why not give it a try? Set an intention for your day, and remind yourself of the intention multiple times throughout the day to stay focused.

Stay well and healthy and reach out anytime.