Using Time Windfalls for Quick Meditation and Grounding

How do you spend those 2-3 minutes between meetings or those 5 minutes of down time before an appointment? Are you scrolling Facebook or Instagram? Are you reading news posts about Covid? I think most of us are guilty of picking up our phone and checking our text messages, Facebook or other social media platforms. But is that the best use of your time when you have those free couple of minutes?

I’ve noticed that since my routine has changed and I am no longer doing many of the things that I used to such as driving to work, packing my lunch, or picking my daughter up from her after school program, I’ve found that I have new time windfalls. When my routine first changed, I noticed I was on my phone more during these time windfalls, looking at updates about Covid. But I soon started to realize that this wasn’t the best use of my time. Reading about Covid or checking my email in my downtime wasn’t beneficial to me in any way. And if I’m honest about how it affected me, it affected me in negative ways. Instead of connecting with myself in the present moment I was instead putting myself in a situation where I was reacting to information that may or may not have any bearing on my life whatsoever. This was leading to me not being present, and even worse having uncomfortable emotional reactions that were completely avoidable or unnecessary.

I’ve started to find other ways of spending those few minutes of time windfalls that have positive affects on my emotions and state of mind. I do grounding or breathing exercises, or maybe even a quick sun salutation. I’ve noticed that I feel less emotionally reactive and more present for my next appointment, session or thing on my to do list.

Take some time today to evaluate how you are spending your time during a windfall between meetings or appointments. Challenge yourself to try something different, like a breathing exercise or a quick meditation on your favorite meditation app.

Stay well and healthy and reach out anytime.