Taking Time For Gratitude

I’ve been trying to be more intentional with my gratitude practice over the past 6 months. Before the pandemic began, I would take small moments throughout my day to appreciate the people and things in my life. However it wasn’t always scheduled or intentional, and since the pandemic happened, I think it’s really important for all of us to be thinking about what we are grateful for.

In a time where so many have experienced grief and loss, financial hardship and racial injustice, it can seem hard to look for the things we are grateful for. However, I feel that it is even MORE important for us to practice gratitude in difficult times. There are studies that show that an attitude of gratitude can have a pretty dramatic effect on our mental health, and I think we ALL can benefit from that.

My experience is that if you want to make something a habit, you have to have the intention and determination to do it every day for 60 days. It can help to schedule your gratitude practice so that you know you will do it each and every day. So put a time on your calendar that you can devote 5-10 minutes a day to reflect or write about what you are grateful for.

Reach out anytime, stay well and healthy.