5 Ways to Cope with Pandemic Fatigue

I’m taking a break from my positive thinking posts to address pandemic fatigue. The pandemic has lasted so much longer than any of us thought was possible, and we are far from being out of the woods. For myself, pandemic fatigue comes in waves. I’m fine for a few months and then I notice myself feeling irritable, frustrated, stagnant, depressed, bored, stuck, and longing for travel and new experiences. When I notice those feelings I have to change things up. Here are 5 ways that I change things up when I’m experiencing pandemic fatigue.

  1. Get outside

    The great outdoors is a great way to shift your perspective and thoughts. Luckily, in Charlotte and the surrounding areas we have some great options for getting outside. Go for a hike or take a drive to the mountains for the day and explore a new trail. Grab your bike and explore a new trail. Getting outside is so important for me, I immediately feel better and notice my thoughts change.

  2. Make a gratitude list every morning

    When I’m feeling off course, I find that if I spend some time reflecting on my values and what is most important to me, that can also shift my perspective. Sometimes we can think too much about what is wrong with the world and what is not going our way, that we forget to consider what we have and what we are grateful for. I find that if I make a gratitude list every morning, it starts my day off on the right foot.

  3. Schedule time for self-care

    If you’re feeling pandemic fatigue, you might be feeling burnt out in other areas of your life as well. Schedule some time for self-care, or even take some time off work. Treat yourself to lots of rest and healthy food.

  4. Connect with friends and loved ones

    I know we’re supposed to be social distancing, but connecting with our friends and loved ones is so important right now. If you have a “pod” that you’ve been safely socializing with, then schedule some time to get together. Zoom and Facetime are always options, but I do feel there is something different about seeing people in person. Find a way to see friends or family in person in a safe way.

  5. Create a new experience for yourself

    Doing the same things every day can get boring, really fast. Try to create a new experience for yourself by thinking of something new that you can do that would be interesting and fun.