Can the Women's Empowerment Group Help Me?

I am getting ready to start another series of my Women’s Empowerment Group on April 12th. I’m so excited about this group because we cover so many different areas of empowerment, self-worth, and reconnecting with your true self.

The Women’s Empowerment Group is ideal for women who are struggling with low self-worth/self-esteem, or who have become disconnected from their true self and feel stuck in how to get their life back on track. So, if you struggle with negative self-talk and not feeling valuable or worthy, then this group can help you. This group can also help you reconnect with your true self and your values, and help you live more in line with your true self and values.

We cover many topics in the group, but here is a general overview of the weekly topics: Discerning between true self and conditioned self, identifying your values, and re-writing the story of you, identifying messages from yourself and others that are contributing to your self-worth, using mindfulness to bring awareness to negative self -talk, and strategies for challenging negative self-talk, identifying healthy vs unhealthy relationships, boundaries, assertive communication, self-care and prioritizing self, and creating a vision board for your true self for the future.

In addition to the group topics, each week we do a guided meditation, and I teach you various skills and tools that will help you improve the relationship you have with yourself. I’ll ask you to complete assignments between groups and practice the new skills I teach in group.

I hope this blog post is useful in helping you decide if the Women’s Empowerment Group can help you. The Women’s Empowerment Group meets Monday evenings from 6-7:30pm for 6 weeks. The cost is $360 for 6 weeks. Reach out anytime and stay safe and healthy!