3 Healthy Ways to Express Anger and Frustration

We all experience anger and frustration, they are normal human emotions. The way we express these emotions is effected by our childhood, life experience, and personality. Some of us learn to internalize or avoid these emotions, and others express them in assertive or aggressive ways. Having anger and frustration is not unhealthy or healthy, it’s how we express these feelings that determines if we’re expressing them in healthy or unhealthy ways. Here are some healthy ways of expressing anger and frustration:

  1. Write out your feelings first

    I find that writing out my feelings of anger and frustration first helps me clarify the reasons why I’m feeling angry and frustrated in the first place. It also helps me identify the best way to handle the feelings.

  2. State you feelings clearly and calmly

    If you need to express your feelings to someone else, do so in a calm and clear way. Expressing your feelings in an aggressive way puts the other person on the defensive and is more likely to lead to an argument. When we express anger and frustration in a calm way, it communicates respect to the other person, allows for more successful resolution.

  3. Get a second opinion

    If you’re unsure if your anger and frustration is warranted, try talking it out with someone you trust before you approach the person you’re angry with. Talking it out with someone else first can help us see another perspective and help us decide if our anger and frustration is warranted or not.

I hope these 3 tips are helpful in expressing anger and frustration in a healthy way. Stay safe and well and reach out anytime!