5 Ways to Cut Down on Your Drinking

Hello Friends! Many people are doing “dry January”, or are wanting to just be healthier in general. If you want to cut down on your drinking, here are 5 things to try:

  1. Replace alcohol with healthier stress management tools

    If you notice that you are using alcohol to reduce your stress at the end of the day, try doing something healthier activities instead like, meditation, reading, having quiet time just for yourself, or going for a walk.

  2. Reserve alcohol use only for social occasions

    Social use of alcohol is exactly that, in social situations only. Try to limit your alcohol use to only situations where you are socializing, and make sure you are not drinking too much, and are drinking plenty of water as well. If you are using alcohol to cope with stress and uncomfortable feelings outside of social situations, this is considered alcohol misuse or abuse.

  3. Avoid social situations where you may be tempted to drink more than you would like

    If you know that certain social situations will lead you to want to drink more than you normally would, then avoid these situations all together, or have a plan to leave early.

  4. Plan social activities that do not involve alcohol

    A helpful way to avoid drinking is to plan social outings that are not centered around drinking, such as hiking, biking, or other outdoor activities.

  5. Seek help if you are not able to cut down your drinking

    If you have a strong desire to cut down your drinking but you are finding it difficult to do so, try meeting with a therapist to help you identify other ways to help you cut down.

I hope these tips are helpful! Stay well and healthy, and reach out anytime!