3 Ways to Increase Confidence

Do you struggle with low confidence? Are you filled with self-doubt? Is it difficult to believe in your capabilities? If so, you may have low self-confidence. Having confidence means that you believe in your capabilities and qualities as person. So, having low self-confidence means you struggle to believe in your capabilities and qualities. Here are some quick ways to feel more confident:

  1. Say positive statements to yourself that affirm your capabilities and qualities

    If you notice yourself doubting yourself or being unsure about being able to do something, say a positive statement to replace the negative statement. If the negative statement is “I can’t do this”, then replace it with an affirming statement like

    “I have strengths that I can apply to this task and I will try my best”

  2. Set reasonable goals for yourself

    Another way to increase your confidence is to set reasonable goals for yourself that you know you can achieve. When we set reasonable goals we know we can achieve, it boosts our confidence in our capabilities for next time.

  3. Respond to failure with a healthy perspective

    The way we respond to failure can have a big impact on our self-confidence. If we don’t succeed at something the first time, and we beat ourselves up about it, then there’s a good chance we won’t try again, which causes our self-confidence to decline. However, if we respond with a healthy perspective that acknowledges we are allowed to make mistakes, and that getting good at something requires practice, we are more likely to try again, and more likely to succeed, which increases self-confidence.

    These are just a few tips on how to feel more confident. Stay well and healthy and reach out anytime!