4 Physical Signs of Depression to Look Out For

We’ve all had uncomfortable feelings and emotions from time to time, but sometimes our emotions manifest in physical ways instead of emotional ways. Depression is a condition in which you might feel sad, hopeless, worthless, and even suicidal. However, depression also can cause some specific physical symptoms that can happen without the severe emotional symptoms, or seem more pronounced then the emotional symptoms. Maybe you’ve noticed feeling a little more down than normal, but haven’t felt severely depressed, but have noticed some strange physical symptoms. Here are some physical signs of depression to look out for:

  1. Changes in appetite

    Have you noticed feeling not hungry or more hungry than normal? Changes in appetite is a symptom of depression. If you’ve noticed some distinct changes in your appetite, check in with yourself to see if you have any other signs of depression.

  2. Fatigue

    Fatigue is not just feeling tired sometimes throughout the day, fatigue is when your whole body feels heavy. Fatigue makes it hard to do things that require physical energy, and so you may notice yourself not wanting to exercise or go on your daily walk.

  3. Muscle aches

    Another physical sign of depression is muscle aches. Have you noticed your muscles feeling achy lately? If so, check in with yourself to see if your experiencing any other signs of depression.

  4. Changes in sleep

    Changes in sleep is another sign that you may be depressed. Have you noticed that you’re waking up really early, not sleeping restfully, or maybe your sleeping excessively? If so, you might be experiencing depression.

I hope this post is helpful in identifying if you might be experiencing any physical signs of depression. In any post about depression, it’s important to mention that if you are having any suicidal thoughts, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room. If you are noticing some of these physical signs of depression, talk to you therapist or doctor about next steps.