3 Ways to Start Your Day Off Loving Yourself

Through my own work on myself, and my work as a therapist, I’m reminded daily by how much we are affected by negative self talk towards ourselves. These conditioned words we have become accustomed to say to ourselves affect every feeling and behavior that we have. If you had positive beliefs and thoughts about yourself, would you feel and behave the same way you are now? I doubt it. For me, when I am struggling with negative self talk or beliefs, my mind and physical sensations completely change when I start repeating affirmations. I am working on identifying routines and behaviors that I engage in that might increase negative self talk, and I’m trying to replace those with healthy behaviors that affirm me and my worth. Here are some ways I start off my day that help me affirm my worth:

  1. Delay looking at your phone/messages/email as long as possible.

    One major change I’m implementing is delaying looking at my phone, messages, or email until my work day officially starts, between 8-9am. Looking at messages and email as soon as I wake up causes me to enter into a reactionary state, and it’s hard for me to affirm myself when I’m reacting. The best way for me to start off my day is on my terms.

  2. Do a meditation focused on loving yourself

    Some might think this is cheesy, but it’s SO important. Loving yourself is more than just words you say to yourself, it’s also how you feel when you love yourself, and the feelings and physical sensations felt in the body.

  3. Do a gratitude exercise

    Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is another really important way to shift your perspective and thoughts. Practicing gratitude is having thanks for the things/people/experiences you value in life. Sometimes I will make gratitude part of my morning meditation, and other times I will make a gratitude list. Whatever feels right to you.

I hope these suggestions can help start your day off loving yourself. Stay healthy and well and reach out anytime.