How to Create a "Self-Love" Routine

My vision for myself for 2021 is to develop unconditional love for myself. We hear a lot about creating a “self-care” routine, but I want to take it a step further and make it a “self-love” routine. My goal for myself is to focus on actions and behaviors that increase or reinforce my love for myself. Here are some steps to take to create a self-love routine for yourself.

  1. Make a list

    Start with making a list of all of the actions, behaviors, experiences that you can think of that increase or reinforce love for yourself. List anything and everything that you can think of that could help you feel love for yourself.

  2. Identify the ones that help you feel the most love for yourself

    My time is precious, and so I want to spend my time doing things that will have the greatest return. Go through your list and identify the ones that make you feel the MOST love for yourself and put a star next to those.

  3. Schedule it!

    Now it’s time to decide when and how frequently you want to show yourself some love. Do you need a little bit every day? Or maybe a longer time less frequently works for you? Small bits of time every day work best for me. Meditation and affirmations are my top 2 things to do for self-love, and I need to do them every day in order to get the most benefit.

Coming up with a self-love routine is a process, sometimes the times we pick don’t work well and we have to go back to the drawing board. That’s okay. This is all about prioritizing time for self-love activities, but also being compassionate and loving towards ourselves throughout the process.

Stay well and healthy, and love yourself!