What is a Women's Empowerment Group?

I thought a blog post would be a good way to share more details about the Women’s Empowerment Group. I’m so excited about this group because my passion over the past year has been helping women truly feel valuable and worthy. I thought a group would be a great way to virtually connect women who have a shared goal of wanting to finally feel good enough.

The Women’s Empowerment Group is a 6 week closed group, meaning that it starts and begins with the same group of women, and no one can join mid-group. We will be processing and implementing many different things throughout the 6-week group, but here are the main goals of the group:

  1. Learn how to connect to and listen to your true self

    A big focus will be learning how to connect with your true self, but also learning how to listen to your true self. Most of us only listen to our thoughts and let those thoughts dictate our behavior. However, the problem is that sometimes those thoughts are negative beliefs about ourselves that are not true! So why should we listen to them? We shouldn’t! This group will help women learn how to routinely check in with their true self and let their true self and intuition guide their behaviors.

  2. Implement a meditation practice

    Learning how to listen to your body and true self, and not the mind, takes practice. Meditation is a great practice that helps train the brain to bring the focus to our breath and our body. Learning how to meditate will help you to connect more frequently with your body and true self. Each group member will be working on implementing a meditation practice into their daily routine.

  3. Identify negative beliefs

    Most of us, if we’re human that is, have some negative beliefs about ourselves. Another focus of this group is to identify those negative beliefs and learn how to switch them into affirming beliefs.

  4. Start an affirmation practice

    Affirmations are a great way to counteract negative beliefs, and de-condition our brains from constantly playing that negative belief tape. In the Women’s Empowerment Group, each group member will start a daily affirmation practice, which she will continue throughout the 6-weeks and hopefully longer!

  5. Identify unhealthy reinforcements of the negative beliefs

    If we have been living our lives believing the negative belief tape that our brain plays, chances are that some people and environments in our life may be indirectly reinforcing those negative beliefs. Another goal of the Women’s Empowerment Group is to help you identify what other changes need to be made in your life to reinforce healthy thoughts about yourself.

I’m so excited about this group! The group meets Mondays from 6-7:30pm for 6 weeks. The cost of the group is $360 for all 6 weeks. Please share this blog post with anyone who you think might be interested! Please reach out with any questions. Stay well and healthy and reach out anytime!